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    Rabe Socke Feature Film Production Design. Man Arenas

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    "Hey nerdlords" by chaeronaea on Twitter.

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    are you a real human being?

    ISThISa A  SAxyE ENTRY?!

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    "do it for her" images that are edited to say "do it for him"


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    iffykins and i collaborated and made these compositions. we’re submitting to pixar soon.

    We changed the monitor’s position to be sideways and held the tablet upside down to achieve the effect int he second image.

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  9. cantsman:

    Minimedes and the Mini Kiev

    "We aren’t quite sure how these little guys came into existence. All we do know is it involves a Shrink-ray, Time Machine, and a whole lot of regret." 

    Feather pals! Lil mini tweet-tweets! TINY BABY BIRDIES! These little critters are on the workshop if you want to vote for them— But not only that, they also come with some amazing merchandise designs from Jos ‘IF’ Venti.

    Minimedes: HERE

    Mini Kiev: HERE

    Minimedes merch: HERE

    Mini Kiev merch: HERE

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    Bank trip chic. Busy as hell but feelin good.